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Nowaday, there are  hundreds of residents living in one apartment. It's an essential issue to improve natural ventilation and smoke ventilation for apartment buildings. Providing fresh air and increase safety for people who living in the building. Automatic window openers play an important role in modern architecture.

Automatic window openers are usually been installed in elevators halls, staircase, lobby. Controlling by wall mount switch or remote controller. Additionally, the automatic window openers are usually connect with central control and smoke detectors. Therefore, it could be for natural ventilation on ordinary days, and trigger by smoke when fire happened. Let people  have more time to escape from fire, instead of been choked by smoke.

In this case, the engineer use KST-A0110 linear actuator as automatic window opener. The stroke length is 250mm. They installed the linear actuators on the top casement windows. The maximum opening range is about 90 degree. Providing large area for ventilation. The wires was been hiding on the ceiling. Concise out look for modern architecture design.

For windows which length is more than 100cm, we suggest install 2 linear actuators on both side of edges. In case of wind effects on high rise buildings.

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